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Leveraging Technology for Better Care: The Role of Nursing Informatics in Medicine

This article covers the science and practice of nursing informatics, which enables the delivery of evidence-based and patient-centered care, improvements in human health and patient safety, and advances in medical and health research. It's also used to enhance clinical workflows so that nurses and other personnel can care for those in their charge more efficiently and effectively.

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Leadership in Nursing: How to Become a Charge Nurse

Charge nurses play an invaluable role in healthcare. We explore what it takes to become a charge nurse, how they differ from nurse managers and how to develop the skills necessary to pursue this career path.

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The Grad School Admission Checklist: Key Steps to Follow

Applying to grad school should be easy, seamless, and straightforward. Follow our key admissions process steps to begin your graduate education.

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Examining the Qualities of an Effective Nurse Leader

This article explores the various traits and skills essential to effective leadership in nursing, which consist of those related to governance of oneself, one's subordinates and the department or larger organization. Qualities discussed include self-awareness, adaptability, critical thinking, compassion, communication skills, employee development skills and strategic vision.