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Tuition and Financial Aid

At Carlow University, we understand that starting or returning to school is a huge commitment. That’s why we work with each and every learner to ensure our programs are financially accessible.

Our financial aid offerings and one-on-one support ensure every learner who wants to pursue an education can do so affordably.  

Financial Aid

When you apply to Carlow, we encourage you to fill out the FAFSA® as soon as possible.

In addition to any financial assistance that Carlow or the FAFSA® provides, be sure to pursue scholarships and grants, understand what tuition assistance your employer offers and explore any military benefits available. During the application process, a Carlow tuition planner can meet with you to help you explore all of your options. 

Reach out to our Student Accounts Office to enroll in a Carlow payment plan if you need it. For assistance, contact us at 855-511-6450.

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You may qualify for federal loans or grants. To find out, fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible. You will be asked for Carlow’s school code, which is 003303.


Many loan options are available to students at generally low rates. Consider federal loans offered through your FAFSA application or explore private loans.


Carlow offers institutional scholarships to students who are enrolled full time. There are also scholarships offered by other organizations for which students can apply. 

Military Benefits

Carlow proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. Students can also receive funding from other military programs. 

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers offer tuition assistance to employees who want to grow professionally. Carlow has many corporate partnerships that can benefit students with regard to tuition assistance.

If your employer doesn’t already have a tuition reimbursement program, the benefits listed below may help you explain the importance of such a program. Contact us for more information at 855-511-6450.

4 Ways an Online Degree Benefits You and Your Employer

1. Grow in leadership.

We teach the skills and principles that make a great leader. Enhancing skills and principles and applying them to your professional life will bring expert leadership to your team. 

2. Prepare for New Responsibilities.

Employers fill positions through hiring or developing their current employees. Be ready to take advance in your role by furthering your education. 

3. Learn on your schedule.

Carlow’s flexible online programs allow you to manage your time so that you can succeed in the classroom and workplace simultaneously.  

4. Employers benefit, too.

Many of the new skills you learn can be applied immediately to enhance the workplace. By investing in your education, employers will gain a knowledgeable employee.