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Respiratory Therapist Job Outlook

Lead Ethically While Meeting the Need for Respiratory Care Professionals

The respiratory therapist job outlook is promising. The demand for well trained, critically thinking therapists is only expected to grow. Carlow’s program curriculum includes numerous training areas for students so that they emerge with the advanced knowledge they need to be better prepared, provide safer patient care and take ethical considerations into account during their everyday practice. Respiratory therapy professionals who are bachelor’s degree prepared can rise into managerial roles and positively impact patient care in leadership positions.

To meet the demands of the myriad of existing and rising challenges across today‚Äôs medical landscape, it is essential for healthcare professionals to be fully equipped with the latest knowledge and advanced skills. Bachelor’s degrees are quickly becoming the standard in the field and are often required for respiratory therapist career advancement.

Respiratory Therapy Supervisor


Respiratory therapy supervisors manage other respiratory therapists and ensure that quality patient care is delivered through their staff. They need strong supervisory, organization and communication skills.

Director of Respiratory Therapy


Directors of respiratory therapy lead other respiratory therapists and oversee programs related to diagnostics and treatment of patients with respiratory problems or diseases. They interact with various healthcare professionals to enact policies that positively affect care.

Additional roles for Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy graduates:

  • Lead respiratory therapist
  • Cardiopulmonary manager
  • Sleep technologist
  • Critical care specialist
  • Emergency respiratory therapist
  • Pediatric respiratory therapist
  • Pulmonary function technician
  • Director of outpatient diagnostics

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The Skills You Need to Positively Impact Respiratory Therapy

Our online respiratory therapy completion program equips you with the following skills:

Career Support

Advancing your respiratory therapist career is not easy, but our team of instructors and our diverse student community is ready to help you succeed.

Established Partnerships

Carlow has strong relationships with local area hospitals and health organizations to help you secure clinical placements and future employment.

Career Planning Services

Carlow provides career advising sessions, career-related programming, job search support and employer engagement on and off campus.

Experienced Faculty

With over 60 years of combined experience, our faculty in the respiratory therapy field are well connected and credentialed.

A Caring Network

Our diverse community of students embodies the values of the Sisters of Mercy. Our alumni network and current students are ready to support each other in their careers.