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Criminology Careers

Pursue Many Influential Careers with a Criminology Degree

Carlow University’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminology focuses on restorative justice and social change by providing you an invested approach to the prevention and rehabilitation of criminal behavior. This approach will serve you well as you launch your career in one of many in-demand criminology careers.

When you emerge from Carlow’s program, you’ll be prepared with the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in a variety of careers with a criminology degree, along with the skills you need to advocate for change in the evolving criminal justice system.

Probation Officer:


Probation officers assist in the rehabilitation of offenders on probation or parole. They help determine the right course of action and provide probationers and parolees with resources and guidance.

Substance Use Counselor:


Substance use counselors run individual, family and group counseling for those struggling with chemical dependency. They often act as a mediator between the patient and outside parties.

Additional criminology careers for graduates:

  • Correctional officer
  • Police officer
  • Jury consultant
  • Juvenile probation officer
  • Loss prevention officer
  • Legal advocate

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Program Outcomes: Positively Impact the Criminal Justice System

When you complete this program, you will be able to:

Career Support

Launching your criminology career is a huge step, and our team of instructors is ready to help you succeed.

Established Partnerships

Carlow has strong relationships with multiple corporations and organizations that help give you access to employer discounts as well as potential internships and employment.

Career Planning Services

Carlow provides career advising sessions, career-related programming, job search support and employer engagement on and off campus.

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty are well-connected and have years of experience in the criminal justice system. They’re prepared to help you find your path and able to introduce you to others who can help.

A Caring Network

Our vibrant community of students embodies the values of the Sisters of Mercy. Our alumni network and current students are ready to support each other in their careers.