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Pursue Rewarding Psychology Career Paths

Develop the Skills You Need for a Successful Career in Psychology

In-demand skills

Career-focused curriculum

Increased earning potential

The online M.A. in Psychology program at Carlow University will equip you with the skills you need to have an immediate impact in your chosen field, whether it’s in mental and behavioral health, psychometrics or research. The career-focused curriculum allows you to tailor your courses to best suit your areas of interest and prepare you for advanced psychology careers.

  • Meet a growing demand. There is a significant shortage of mental health professionals across parts of the United States.
  • Gain valuable skills. Learn research and clinical skills that you can put into practice right away.
  • Pursue a variety of careers. Guided electives allow you to tailor your career to your preferred path.

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Explore Diverse Psychology Career Opportunities

Mental Health Clinician $50,932 per year1

Research Assistant $54,582 per year2

Probation Officers $60,250 per year3

Expand Your Career Opportunities with an Online MA in Psychology

A Master of Arts in Psychology from Carlow University opens up numerous opportunities to advance or launch your career. Depending on your area of focus and interest, potential psychology career paths include assessment psychology, forensic psychology, treatment psychology, and more. This program also is well-suited for students who want to prepare to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology.

Regardless of the path you choose, the career-focused curriculum will provide a foundation of advanced general and applied psychology principles while offering the opportunity to gain valuable research and clinical skills.

Program Outcomes and Skills Acquired

What You’ll Learn

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Understanding of developmental and pathology
  • Multicultural awareness
  • Analytic skills in regards to data and personnel
  • Research design and collection
  • Specialization skills in a chosen subfield of psychology

Choose From 5 Guided Electives

Tailor your online psychology courses to best fit your interests and career goals. Carlow offers five guided elective focus areas so you can center your studies around specific interests. Focus areas include:

This guided elective focus area allows students to engage in theories and applications of psychology relevant to criminal and civil legal settings.

This guided elective focus area is for students looking to use the techniques and validated tools of the field to develop hypotheses about personality, symptoms, behavior and cognitive ability.

This guided elective focus area allows students to understand the theories and empirically validated treatment skills needed to work with a wide array of people struggling with mental health issues.

This guided elective cluster is for students who want to integrate their passion for the arts and humanities into their psychology coursework.

This guided elective cluster provides an opportunity for students to take a wider breadth of courses across multiple cluster groups to develop a unique academic path.

Career Support

Launching your business career is a huge step, and our team of instructors is ready to help you succeed.

Established Partnerships

Carlow has strong relationships with multiple corporations and organizations that help give you access to employer discounts as well as potential internships and employment.

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty are well-connected and have years of experience in business and management. They’re prepared to help you find your path and able to introduce you to others who can help.

Career Planning Services

Carlow provides career advising sessions, career-related programming, job search support and employer engagement on and off campus.

A Caring Network

Our vibrant community of students embodies the values of the Sisters of Mercy. Our alumni network and current students are ready to support each other in their careers.