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Online Bachelor's in Social Work Degree

Explore Social Work Theory and Practice in an Online Degree Program

  • Experiential Coursework
  • Licensure — Degree Eligible
  • CSWE-Accredited

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  • Duration 2-4 years
  • Cost per Credit $495
  • Credit Hours 120

Program Benefits

  • Courses Focus on Trauma and Social Justice
  • We Strive to Serve Those Traditionally Excluded From Higher Education
  • Choose from Three Concentrations: Crisis and Trauma, Restorative Justice and Healthcare Social Work
  • Advance Standing for Carlow BSW graduates affords a full time MSW student to graduate in 18 months

Launch Your Social Work Career With Our Accredited Online BSW

Gain the knowledge, skills and values you need to earn the title of a social worker with Carlow University’s bachelor’s degree in social work online program. Our online BSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CWSE), a credential required for bachelor’s-level licensure and bachelor’s-level jobs in the field.

Our program provides a strong foundation in liberal arts studies, social work theory and best practices. Enhance your degree by choosing from concentrations in Crisis and Trauma, Restorative Justice and Healthcare Social Work. You will be degree-eligible to sit for the LBSW exam upon graduation. You will also be eligible to apply for advanced standing in a CSWE-accredited MSW program. Advanced Standing MSW admission waives 15 credits of graduate foundation social work courses taken as an undergraduate.

As a student in the BSW degree online program, you will volunteer 50 hours by junior year. In your senior year, you will participate in an agency-based field placement for two semesters (fall & spring) of 450 hours, and a corresponding classroom field seminar. Your real-world experience can translate into generalist practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

The bachelor’s degree in social work is also available on campus.

Build a Successful Social Work Career

With a Bachelor of Social Work from Carlow University, you can pursue licensure and then embark on several social work career paths. Your dream social work career might be in a nonprofit agency or organization, a behavioral health agency, a family services center, healthcare setting, a long-term care agency, a foster care program, the criminal justice system and more.

Explore Careers

Choose from Three Concentrations

Direct your social work degree to your ideal career with one of three concentrations.

Social Work, BSW: Crisis and Trauma Concentration

Build a foundation in theory and research pertaining to crisis, abuse and trauma with an online BSW concentration in Crisis and Trauma.

Social Work, BSW: Healthcare Concentration

Gain a conceptual, ethical and practical framework for social work practice in healthcare.

Social Work, BSW: Restorative Justice Concentration

Explore community-based issues and alternative methods for addressing crime.

Experiential Courses Delivered by Expert Faculty

Content required by CSWE for licensure eligibility

24 required courses for the major

As a social work major, you’ll benefit from an interactive online classroom environment and caring faculty. Our small class sizes give you the opportunity to receive personalized attention as you learn to apply your knowledge, skills and advocacy to meaningful populations that are vulnerable and/or oppressed. Courses include:

  • SW 104 Introduction to Social Work
  • SW 214 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • SW 270 Cultural Humility
  • SW 304 Social Work with Families
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Apply to the BSW Online Program

Transfer up to 90 credits

Two start dates per year

It’s always a good time to apply to Carlow’s bachelor’s degree in social work online program. To start, you’ll need your official transcripts and a completed online application.

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Discover Your Options for Financing Your Degree

Scholarships available

$59,400 total tuition

We understand that pursuing higher education is an investment. Carlow’s staff is always available to answer questions and connect you to resources for loans, grants, scholarships and employer benefits.

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What You’ll Learn

Through the CSWE-accredited curriculum, you’ll graduate from the online BSW degree program eligible to apply to take the LBSW exam and make an impact in a variety of organizations.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior.
  • Advance human rights and social, racial, economic and environmental justice.
  • Engage anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion (ADEI) in practice.
  • Engage in practice-informed research and research-informed practice.
  • Engage in policy practice.
  • Engage, assess, intervene with and evaluate individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

Learn From Industry-Experienced Faculty

Our responsive faculty and supportive community care deeply for students and work hard to help you meet your goals. Professors in the program have in-depth professional experiences in the field and extensive teaching experience. With the assistance of a dedicated program-level faculty adviser, you’ll prepare to launch your career in social work.

An Online Learning Experience Like No Other

When you join the Carlow family, you get an experienced and compassionate team dedicated to your personal and professional growth. Online learning at Carlow offers the flexibility you need while connecting you to a vibrant, close-knit and supportive community of instructors and learners.

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Financial Aid

We understand that pursuing higher education is an investment. Carlow’s staff is always available to answer questions and connect you to resources for loans, grants, scholarships and employer benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions for in-depth answers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us.

Students transferring to Carlow from other institutions may have up to 90 credits accepted. A grade of C or higher must have been earned. Courses taken for pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades may only be transferred if it can be verified that a pass or satisfactory grade is equivalent to a C or higher.

The online BSW program offers three concentrations: Crisis and Trauma, Restorative Justice and Healthcare Social Work.

To apply for the program, submit your application and transcripts, along with any other required information. Find out more about the application process.

Yes. The BSW program is CSWE accredited.

BSW courses are primarily taught by full-time faculty who prioritize supporting students. From the start of the program through graduation, faculty are fully invested in the success of their students by being accessible and responsive and connecting them to all the resources available to students at Carlow so they can reach their goals. Faculty members stay engaged in their area of practice outside the classroom and strive to connect students to those areas including aging, behavioral health, child welfare, healthcare, immigrant inclusion and more.

Yes. You will be eligible to apply to sit for licensure upon graduating with your BSW degree.

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*The total estimated tuition is $59,400, not including fees and other expenses. Tuition can vary depending on the number of transfer credits accepted.