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Meet Your Carlow University Team

The support team at Carlow is accessible and responsive.

At Carlow, we guide students through the learning experience and help them achieve their goals. From enrollment to graduation, our team will be available to provide expert assistance when you need it. 

Program Manager

The program manager is an expert on our programs as well as the enrollment and application process. This initial point of contact will be able to answer all of your questions and help you match your needs with the right program. 

Student Services Coordinator

You can count on one-on-one support from your student services coordinator. Committed to your success, the student services coordinator will help you through any challenges so you can achieve your goals. 

Field Placement Manager

Depending on the program you choose, fieldwork may be required. The field placement manager will work with you to make connections and place you in an environment that matches your needs and interests. 

Tech Support Specialist

No matter where you are, our tech support team is available to ensure you have access to your coursework and can communicate with your classmates and instructors effectively.

If you have questions or need support, call us at 855-511-6450 or request more information.